Babarmahal, Kathmandu 4102196/4102381/4102382

Social Inclusion, Women Empowerement and Human Rights

  • Literacy programs for promoting gender-friendly laws during the operation of new constitution,
  • Capacity enhancement of elected women local body officials, potential women leaders, civil society women leaders, women teachers and CA women leaders,
  • Helped the programs and activities of women caucus in the first Constituent Assembly,
  • Supported the incorporation of women, Dalit, Muslim, Madhesi issues in the constitution through the publication of model constitution based on women/ Dalit/Madhesi/Janajati/Tharu/Muslim perspective to act as reference for constitution making,
  • Helped bring together Dalit CA members and Muslim CA members to identify their major constitutional concerns,
  • Drafted the National Human Rights Commission Act as a Private Bill in 1998,
  • Capacity enhancement of enforcement agencies such as police, government attorneys, district officers etc,
  • Raised awareness of general public through human rights literacy programs.

केहि संवैधानिक प्रश्न भएमा सोध्नुहोस्