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Constitutional Development and Law Making

•    Supported the drafting of constitutions of 1990, 2007 and 2015 – all at the request of then governments/parliament,
•    During each constitution making process, the NLS engaged in before and after programs – public awareness and constitution literacy,
•    Helped in the process of constitutional amendments through objective dialogues,
•    Helped enhance capacity of MPs, CA members and secretariat officials,
•    Provided national and international expertise support to the constitution making process to ensure democratic and inclusive constitution,
•    In 2015, the NLS produced an Expert Draft Constitution based on reports of CA committees to provide a reference to then CA, 
•    Published Essays on Constitution (Vol. 1-38) till 2005,
•    Supported the rule making process of both Houses of the Federal parliament,
•    Supported the Legislative Parliament in the drafting of laws,
•    Contributed to the capacity development of the parliamentarians and officials in the drafting/review of laws through expert inputs,
•    Conducted constitution literacy dialogues and interactions through the Civic Initiative Centers (CICs) on major issues of new constitution, as well          as helped in reducing conflict by holding fact-based and objective assessment of constitutional provisions by mobilizing neutral experts, 
•    Over 50 booklets on various aspects of constitution such as women issues, Dalit issues, fundamental rights published.

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