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Our Work

The NLS carries out various programs and projects in various areas based on three-pronged intervention strategy: policy support; law making; and capacity building.

Constitutional Development 

  • Supported the drafting of constitutions of 1990, interim constitution 2007 and 2015 – all at the request of then governments/parliament.

  • Provided national and international expertise support to the constitution making process to ensure democratic and inclusive constitution.

  • During both constituent assemblies NLS engaged with the citizens on public opinion and literacy engaging 500,000 people directly and 1.5 million people indirectly.  

  • Helped enhance capacity of the CA members and secretariat officials

  • Published 38 volume of Essays on Constitution 

  • Produced over 50 booklets on various constitutional issues like the fundamental rights, women rights, dalit rights, citizenship etc.

  • NLS also produced an Expert Draft Constitution based on reports of CA committees to provide a reference to then CA.



  • Provided technical support to the making of rules for Provincial Assemblies

  • Provided provincial outreach programs on major draft laws to provincial assembly members and officials

  • Provided policy support in drafting Local Self Governance Act 1999

  • Contributed in the drafting Local Level Governance Act 2017

  • Capacity enhancement of elected officials of local bodies

  • Supported the alliance of VDCs, DDCs and municipalities for effective local service delivery.

  • Formulated Sectoral Devolution Strategies for the Ministry of Local Development,

  • Published manuals, handbooks and booklets on issues of effective local service delivery.


Independence of Judiciary/Rule of Law

  • Supported the Supreme Court in drafting and implementation of Case Management Guidelines 2017 to facilitate the scientific case management of the courts in Nepal

  • Capacity enhancement of judges/officials of Supreme Court, Appellate Courts and District Courts for effective justice delivery

  • Published collection of Supreme Court verdicts on habeas corpus and election related cases

  • Supported policy draft for establishing Revenue Tribunal

  • Supported in the drafting of more than 100 important laws including company act, tax laws, contract laws etc.


Social Inclusion, Women Empowerment and Human Rights

  • Supported the women Caucus for its  programs and activities during  the first CA

  • Conducted Literacy programs for promoting gender friendly laws during the operation of new constitution,

  • Capacity enhancement of elected women local body officials; potential women leaders; civil society women leaders; women teachers; and CA women leaders,

  • Supported the incorporation of women, Dalit, Muslim, Madhesi issues in the constitution through the publication of model constitution based on women/ Dalit/Madhesi/Janajati/Tharu/Muslim perspective to act as reference for constitution making

  • Helped bring together Dalit CA members and Muslim CA members to identify their major constitutional concerns. Mobilized these members for general awareness to the citizens. 

  • Raised awareness of general public through human rights literacy programs – in all then 75 districts covering almost one hundred thousand people.


Election Governance

  • Support for the improvement of electoral governance for the consolidation of successful/sustainable democracy

  • Supported the drafting of election related laws such as Voters' Registration Act, Political Parties Act, voting rules, manuals etc. 

Capacity building of election commission officials and returning officers. 

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