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The Nepal Law Society (NLS) was established in 1982 by a group of like-minded legal professionals including judges, legal practitioners as well as professors for the purpose of supporting the consolidation of the rule of law, constitutional development and good governance. After the restoration of democracy in 1990, the NLS worked as a key think-tank on constitutional, legal and judicial issues providing major inputs in the drafting of not only various laws and rules but also the Constitution. Following the political change of 2006, the NLS lent legal support and expertise to the Constituent Assembly in drafting the democratic constitution. After the promulgation of new constitution, the NLS is currently active in supporting the law making processes and the implementation of constitution. In particular, after the federal restructuring of the country, the NLS support areas have broadened to provincial and local level.

The NLS has over 350 members spread all over the country. It has network in all 7 provinces and 77 districts of the country. There are NLS offices with staffs in 7 provinces and focal persons in all 77 places. The NLS has existing alliance with local bar associations, civil society organizations as well as local government institutions such as municipalities and rural municipalities. NLS is member of International Bar Association, and International Commission of Jurists.



Promotion and respect of rule of law, human rights independence of Judiciary. Creating a platform where citizens' voices are heard.



Empowerment of people within and outside the justice sector through research, seminars, workshops, trainings and interactions. 

केहि संवैधानिक प्रश्न भएमा सोध्नुहोस्