Established in 1982 A.D. The Nepal Law Society(NLS) is an independent non-governmental organization committed to the rule of law, human rights, women empowerment, local goverance and decentralization.

Women Empowerment

Currently, the NLS is working to promote and lobby the issues related to women empowerment and gender equality so that they can be incorporated in the new constitution. It worked together with International IDEA and CA Women Caucus to support women's issues in the constitution making process. The Society, through the mobilization of Constitution Information Centers, has worked with other partners to share women's issues and concerns. Over 10,000 district level stakeholders have benefited from this. Likewise, a biography of all 197 women members of CA was published in order to highlight the role played by women in development of politics in Nepal.

Likewise, the Society provided trainings for elected women office bearers of local bodies, potential women candidates, office bearers of the civil society and female community workers in over 40 districts of Nepal. About 8000 elected women office bears of local government, 3000 potential women candidate (active women office bearers of the political parties), 2000 civil society women office bearers participated in the training programs.

The Society has also involved policy making process (constitution, laws, by laws) and lobbying campaigns in partnership with different political parties, civil society and experts. Likewise, the NLS is also studying and sharing the status of implementation of women-related aspects of interim constitution.