Established in 1982 A.D. The Nepal Law Society(NLS) is an independent non-governmental organization committed to the rule of law, human rights, women empowerment, local goverance and decentralization.

Good Governance/ Decentralization

The Society has been conducting various programs towards the promotion and development of good governance and decentralization in Nepal. It is basically involved in the following areas:-

Policy Support Program

The Society provided legal inputs to the government during the preparation of VDC, Municipality and DDC Acts and rules by providing draft laws after the restoration of the multiparty democratic system in Nepal in 1990. The Society had been regularly involved in collecting the views of different stakeholders and also provided legal inputs and mobilized intellectual resources for the formulation of Local Self Governance Act 1999 and its Rules in 2000.

Subsequently, the Society conducted training and interaction programs for parliamentarians every year between 1996 and 2001 on good governance and decentralization. Altogether 200 parliamentarians from the House of Representatives and the National Assembly benefited from the program.

The Society conducted nearly 200 seminars and workshop with policy makers and central level stakeholders to discuss the prevailing laws and get expert as well as public feedbacks on them.

Advocacy and Capacity Development Program

Nepal Law Society has already spent 25 years advocating various issues related to the decentralization and good governance. Likewise, it has also continuously worked for the capacity development of local bodies, especially at the VDC level. The Society conducted training for local body office bearers at zonal and regional level in the first phase and district level in the second phase. Altogether 10,000 local body office bearers have benefited from the Society’s training programs that provided them with the knowledge on legal rights of the local bodies, planning procedures, financial management and leadership role.


The Society collected feedbacks from the local bodies and the stakeholders including governance and decentralization experts and shared them with the government officials and policy makers and implementers. At times, the Society facilitated the dialogue between the local bodies and the central government. The Society in cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has helped in the publication of a quarterly journal called Local Body Bulletin – which deals with legal rights, decentralization issues, local level development issues and financial problems. Altogether 25 volumes of the Bulletin were published.