Established in 1982 A.D. The Nepal Law Society(NLS) is an independent non-governmental organization committed to the rule of law, human rights, women empowerment, local goverance and decentralization.

Constitutional Making Process

The Society has consistently worked towards the promotion and modernization of constitutional development in the country.

Support for constitution making process

In order to support the constitution-making process, the NLS has been providing technical and legal expertise. In the aftermath of dissolution of Constituent Assembly, the NLS is currently engaged in sharing of achievements of the CA and way forward to resolve the constitutional and political deadlock through the mobilization of Constitution Information Centers (CICs) that were established in 14 zones with the support of donors and in collaboration with CA Secretariat. The NLS has partnered with International IDEA, UNDP, ESP/DFID, Swiss government, USAID and CA Secretariat for this purpose.

After the political change of 2006, the NLS's support was sought by the Constituent Assembly Secretariat for the legal expertise. In partnership with the Secretariat, the NLS supported in the process of drafting the interim constitution, which paved the way for holding the Constituent Assembly (CA) election.

Subsequently, the NLS worked actively to provide training and orientation to the CA members, CA officials, and media in technical and legal aspects of drafting. The NLS provided orientation training to 400 out of 601 CA members where even foreign legal experts were invited to share global experiences in constitution-making. About 25 CA members – who had legal background - representing 10 parties were given intensive training on technical aspects of drafting constitution. The NLS worked closely with the CA Committees and produced commentary notes on the concept papers prepared by various committees.

The Society has implemented different programs including preparation of commentary notes on CA concept papers, expert constitution on behalf of civil society by mobilizing different experts, support for CA members to prepare amendment proposals, support for CA women caucus on women issues, public view collection etc.

Earlier, the Society had contributed to the making of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal 1990 through advocacy and intellectual inputs from national and international resource persons. The NLS was involved in planning phase of constitution formulation as well as in the civic education after the constitution was promulgated. Over 1 lakh people benefited from that campaign.

The Society conducted national level seminar and workshop on the occasion of Constitution Day and collected ideas, opinions and comments to promote the constitutional development process by inviting leaders of the political parties, judges, lawyers, professors, journalist, and representatives of the civil society.