Established in 1982 A.D. The Nepal Law Society(NLS) is an independent non-governmental organization committed to the rule of law, human rights, women empowerment, local goverance and decentralization.

About GEOC (General Election Observation Committee/Nepal)

The General Election Observation Committee, Nepal (GEOC) was formed with the objective of supporting the holding of free and fair election through independent observation of election procedures and processes. Presently, there are 10 NGOs affiliated with the GEOC. The GEOC has observed six elections since 1990 including the general election of 1991, local elections and the CA election of 2008. The organization of GEOC is divided into five layers from center to local level. The Nepal Law Society (NLS) acts as its Secretariat. The GEOC observes the election in three phases – pre-election, during election and post-election.